Richard HammerRichard is a thinker, tinker, scrounger, fabricator, woodworker, blacksmith, and glassmith.  He enjoys creating mixed media art for the home, yard, and garden.  He is a dragon, first and foremost, living in "happytown" - Blacksburg, VA - an intellectual, artistic oasis located in southwest Virginia.  Richard is little eccentric, very high spirited and a self proclaimed Freak of Nature. In his "free time," Richard is the Vice President of Technology at Interactive Achievement, LLC, a growing K-12 education interim and formative assessment business located in Roanoke, VA.

Catherine has a gypsy soul.  She rekindles an inner spark for life and living in everyone. She enjoys making the ordinary extraordinary and has a passion for gardening and all beautiful things.  She is a Faerie in every mischievous sense of the word.  Her gifts of joy and beauty bring light and love to the world ... even if through chaos and destruction.  In a past life, Catherine was a family law attorney and is now spending her days making beautiful things, weeding and pruning the garden ... and herding teen-aged children.